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Theatre Artists Workshop


The Tawlight Zone

Theater artists, left to wander this fifth dimension, seem trapped in an unknown time and space...


Only YOU can lead them out of...

The Tawlight Zone!

Thank you to all who supported TAW in its first virtual fundraiser! We can't tell you how much we appreciate your support during this very challenging time. If you missed the show, you can still peruse the digital program, and check out the trailer below.

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Image by Adam Nieścioruk

Theatre Artists Workshop's Covid-19 Response

Dear Fellow Members and friends of TAW,


As you are aware, state and federal officials are advising the public to stay away from crowded places and events during the COVID-19 health crisis. To that end, Theatre Artists Workshop must remain dark until we are all given the green light to hold in person meetings once again. 


This means no Monday night meetings, no in-person rehearsals, and no in-person Board meetings. The Board will (virtually) reconvene weekly to reassess the situation and act accordingly.


If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know by reaching out to tawboardofdirectors@gmail.com. 


Thank you and may we all stay safe and healthy.



The TAW Board of Directors

TAW's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiative

TAW seeks to create and foster a diverse and inclusive membership. As an incubator of new artistic work, we encourage and support our members in creating and developing material that explores issues of race, sexuality, age, gender, identity, and disability. We hope to foster intellectual engagement that will create positive change. With that said, TAW acknowledges that there is a history of casting white, cis gender actors when race, sexuality, gender, identity and disability are not central to the theme of the work. TAW looks forward to creating a climate that encourages playwrights and directors to write and cast openly and diversely when the work at hand does not call for specific casting needs. Exploring color conscious casting as well as open minded casting will only serve to strengthen the work that comes out of TAW. To put these words into action, TAW's Board of Directors has been working on a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiative. A DEI Committee is being formed to support and grow diversity in our organization. Any TAW members who are interested in being a part of this committee are encouraged to get in touch with TAW's President, Gina Pulice, at gina@thrownstone.org.



On Valentine’s Day, 1983, the first meeting of the Theatre Artists Workshop of Westport, Inc. was held. Founded by Keir Dullea and his wife, the late Susie Fuller, and based on the Los Angeles “Theatre East” workshop they had loved, TAW is designed as a safe place, a theatrical gymnasium, where theatre professionals hone their craft, stretch creative muscles, experiment, develop new plays, work with and get feedback from fellow actors, writers and directors away from the harsh glare of the public spotlight.

For 37 years, the Workshop has served its membership and audiences with that original vision still intact. Plays have been developed that have gone on to Broadway, Off-Broadway, Regional and even International production. Workshop performance and constructive critique have improved members’ skills, and led to new opportunities. Audiences attend readings of classic and original plays, scenes and stories at the workshop theatre, local libraries and cultural institutions.

Membership over the years has included names such as Lucille Lortel, Anne Baxter, Theodore Bikel, Phoebe Brand, Morton DaCosta, Sandy Dennis, Mia Dillon, Keir Dullea, Christopher Durang, Kevin Gray, Shirley Knight, Ring Lardner, Jr., James Noble, Jane Powell, Lee Richardson, Laura San Giacomo, and Brett Somers.

After several moves since 1983, TAW found its most recent home in the Masonic Lodge at 5 Gregory Blvd., East Norwalk 06855. Yet the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic had other plans. After 25 years in our Norwalk space, TAW has had to transition to a fully virtual community, and though not without pains, TAW has been thriving online. The search is on to find a new home that serves our membership and audiences just as well if not better than before. TAW looks forward to the spring/summer of 2021, when it is projected that it will be safe to meet in person again, and commence with live theatre. By this time, we hope to have found a wonderful new home, where members can meet every Monday night for presentation and peer feedback, have convenient access to rehearsal space throughout the week, and produce live theatre for our audience.

Membership in the Workshop is open to professional actors, writers and directors. Admission is by audition, script submission or by a substantial body of recognized professional work. 

TAW was founded in Los Angeles in 1983 by Susie Fuller, Keir Dullea, Haila Stoddard, Burry Frederick, Jerome Kilty, Whitfield Connor, Sydney Michaels, Patricia Englund, Chilton Ryan, James Mapes, Ann Clay, Louisette Michaels, and E. Katherine Kerr.




Tel: (203) 854-6830 

For general inquiries, email: theatreartistsworkshop@gmail.com 

To reach the board of directors, email: tawboardofdirectors@gmail.com

Theatre Artists Workshop is currently operating online-only.

Check back for updates as we search for a new physical home.

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Theatre Artists Workshop is a 501 (c) 3, not-for-profit organization.