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CT State Community College at Housatonic Theatre Student RSVP Form

Theatre Artists Workshop Meetings


Theatre Artists Workshop welcomes Theatre Majors from Housatonic to observe Workshop meetings!


Theatre Artists Workshop is a 40 year old organization of professional actors, writers and directors, admitted to membership through audition. The Workshop gathers on Monday nights to share new plays in development, scene work, and other creative works in progress. After each piece is presented, members provide critique intended to help each artist further their work on the piece.


Please RSVP if you’d like to observe an upcoming Workshop meeting. We ask that you let us know to expect you by signing up on the form below (ideally by Sunday). Those who have signed up via the form below will be forwarded our Weekly e-blast so that you can get a heads up as to what is on the docket for the meeting, other meeting details and any Workshop announcements. Though some links in the blast are only accessible to members, the e-blast will be a good source to keep you in the know about the upcoming meeting.


Please review the guidelines below so that we can all ensure the Workshop runs smoothly. Thank you!


  • When the meeting begins, we request that you turn off your cell phone. No photography or recordings are permitted.

  • As a guest of The Workshop you are welcome to observe the meeting and chat with members after the meeting. However, we ask that as a guest you do not offer critique following the presented piece.

  • Due to the fragility of new work, and the privacy needed by artists to develop new work in a safe space, it is important that you do not share what you observe at the meeting on social media. 

Theatre is a tool that can be used for many purposes: to inform, entertain, inspire, or even to confront. As such, it can be controversial and even offensive to some, depending on each person's perspective. On a given night you may see scenes or plays that you find objectionable. If you feel you cannot expose yourself to the material being presented, take care of yourself and leave the meeting. To address this further, the Workshop implemented a content note system in the blast, corresponding to a specific presentation at a given meeting. If you have questions about this or any other aspect of the Workshop, please feel free to email the Board at


RSVP below. We look forward to seeing you!

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