Dues paying Members are free to attend weekly meetings held every Monday night at 7:30 PM. This is our private, exclusive, members only weekly workshop where actors, writers and directors present scenes, short plays, monologues and longer works. The membership watches and gives helpful critique. 

A network of other artists, each eager and willing to be a part of your journey, is a large benefit of membership. Thoughtful peer review and critique can be invaluable to your growth as an artist. You'll find fellow members willing to help you prep for auditions, read a script, run through a scene or give feedback on a monologue. 

TAW’s business Zoom account is available 24/7 for members who request access to it for virtual rehearsals and presentations. You are also welcome to present "alternate evening" presentations of an entire work before an invited audience of TAW members, family and friends. 

TAW has a large library of scripts and theatre-related material available to members at anytime.


The tiers of membership:

FULL MEMBERSHIP: Open to professional actors, writers and directors currently pursuing a professional career, with credits in legitimate theatre productions. Union affiliation is preferred, but not required. Full membership privileges, including use of TAW for personal development in the theatre arts. Admission by audition or writing sample. DUES, which help pay our rent, utilities, theatre upkeep, publicity, production and other costs are $100.00 paid twice a year, plus a one-time $85.00 Initiation fee. Full members enjoy the ability to present work at Monday night meetings, and can participate in critique.

APPRENTICE MEMBERSHIP: (non-voting) Offered to those with some previous experience in theatre productions, studying with recognized teachers and institutions, and committed to working to develop skills to a professional level. Welcome to participate in Master Classes and Workshops. DUES: $87.50 paid twice a year. There is an $85.00 one time initiation fee. Apprentices may not give critique during Monday night meetings.

LOA: For members who wish to take a leave of absence while maintaining membership, there is a $50.00 yearly fee. Please email if you wish to become LOA.


ACTORS: After reviewing your application we will contact you about coming in to audition. We ask for two contrasting monologues, or a monologue and a song. Work must be memorized. Afterwards, we’ll chat with you about what you’d like to accomplish at TAW, and how you’d like to contribute to the Workshop.

PLAYWRIGHTS: Along with the application, please submit two original plays, preferably, at least one full length. Remember to include your name and contact information on the title page of your scripts. We’ll contact you if we need anything additional.

DIRECTORS: Submit a completed application, including your resume, and we’ll give you a call if we’d like additional information or to schedule a meeting.

Prospective members may be allowed to visit and observe one of our Monday evening workshops by invitation of a current member, and/or with permission of the Board.

We look forward to meeting you!

Having trouble submitting, or have a question for us? Email us at, or hit the chat button.



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