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The Tawlight Zone


October, 2020…Boo! As if 2020 needed more thrills and chills…TAW Presents:

A Spooky Zoomy Halloweeny Event!


Why the HELL not.





That’s right, there’s a Halloween Theme!


What are we looking for? Think...Black Mirror, The Twilight Zone, think...Halloween! Even though there is a theme, don't limit yourself! Leave yourself open, perhaps write the story you'd want to hear on Halloween. Open to spine tingling, creepy, light, comedic, zany, dramatic, absurdist, realism...go for it. And remember, it's going to be on Zoom. Playwrights may submit multiple pieces.


Pieces must be between 5 - 15 minutes in length.


Monologues and 2 - 3 person short plays preferred.


If chosen, playwrights are encouraged to present their work at a Monday night Zoom meeting for feedback and development. 

Deadline to submit: September 17th. The earlier the better!

Air date: October 28th

If your piece is chosen, you are responsible for choosing your director, cast, and scheduling Zoom rehearsals with your cast. If you need guidance with any of those tasks, reach out the the TAW Board of Directors at


Tech elements: Zoom backgrounds will be used when appropriate to the piece, and if your cast has the capability. Sound effects will be added in post when appropriate. The production will not be live. It will be a pre recorded performance, edited in post. Members of the TAW Technology Committee and Playwright Committee will be tasked with helping members get their pieces ready for Zoom recording. As we will be working in agreement with Theatre Authority, there will be no in-person rehearsals allowed. All members may only participate from their homes without any onsite participation. All materials must be removed from the internet within 4 days (96 hours) of the initial presentation, per Theatre Authorities rules. 

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