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Museletter Vol. 1

When I was a kid, I wanted to live in a treehouse. I think there was probably a van phase in there a little later...


  n yet another encouraging sign of our Workshop entering an exciting period of growth and renewal, the Theatre Artists Workshop newsletter has come roaring back for another go-round.  As it turns out, TAW has had newsletters 

by Mike Boland

Subcommittee Report

Greetings Membership!

I am Dawn Vanessa Brown, chairwoman of the Facilities Committee. I’d like to give you an update on our committee, offer you a little tour of what we’ve done so far and what our future plans are.

     kay, you've been given some idea what to expect in future issues of the TAW Muse newsletter, but certainly you have a scathingly brilliant idea of what we'd all enjoy as well   


On May 16 and May 17, TAW opens its doors once more to the public with performances of short original one-acts and monologues written and developed by the Workshop’s playwrights

These vintage video clips from TAW's 20th 

Anniversary After Party features many TAW members, past and present, sharing their thoughts about what the Workshop

has meant to them over the years.


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